Why does my breastfed baby have colic?

Supplementation of the Breastfed Baby “Just One Bottle Won’t Hurt”--- or Will It?
Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC

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Leave the Cow's Milk to Baby Cows!
I post this older but important article about gut flora in the newborn infant from Marsha Walker because I am seeing SO MANY infants lately afflicted with colitis (inflammation of the intestinal tract), blood in their stools and general misery that seems to be related to the cow milk protein in their diets (from formula) or their mother's diets (if bressfeeding). I know that patients of mine have heard snippets of this argument but Marsha Walker, a well know lactation consultant and author of several books on breastfeeding summarizes it so well that I thought I would post the link here. It is a little technical but I think anyone can get the gist of what she is saying. It takes only ONE NANOGRAM of cow milk protein to sensitize a susceptible infant gut. (Businco et al, 1999) What is a nannogram? One-billionth of a gram. This means there are ONE BILLION nanograms in just one ounce of cow's milk. You get the picture right?